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The result of the Scottish referendum for independence hangs on the dissemination of information.

Most of us are not used to psychological warfare, nor are we normally paranoid enough to believe we are being manipulated by the government through the MainStream Media. In fair times, the MSM propagates information efficiently and, we would like to think, impartially to the populace, but in the bad times, such as now, it cedes control to the elite that fund it and becomes a perfidious tool to control the masses.

The problem is, that to the majority of people, this kind of control is only exerted in spy movies, dystopian novels like George Orwell’s 1984 and third world dictatorships. When faced with it right here, right now, they do not recognise it and instinctively defend the MSM’s right to free speech while mistrusting those who try to drag its twisted purpose into the light.

The most readily deceived by this kind of concerted campaign are the elderly and the youthful, thus the MSM twists the minds the most psychologically vulnerable in our society, those that we should be protecting or sheltering and whose opinion, once formed, is the most intractable. The government and the MSM know this.

Do not for one minute entertain the thought that the MSM is merely an opinion or rumour mill, there to entertain the masses. It is not, it’s a very well thought out and implemented method of control exercised by very wealthy people who have no interest in the truth or what is right for the populous. They are only interested in what is right for them and for the old boys’ network, there is nothing there for you or me.

Some of us have woken up to this, but many never will, or if they do, it will be too late and our only chance to escape the clutches of the rich, powerful and morally bankrupt will be gone forever. When their control finally slips, when they turn their attention back to their empires and corridors of power and the truth finally leaks out, the news that we were duped again will be met with incredulity and disgust before fading into bruised memory, eventually to be forgotten once again.

In the next generation, there will be few who will remember and rise to stand against the dying of the light. They will face derision and ostracism, the MSM will spout their dirty great deceits, righteous indignation lending weight to every word, pounding those lies into the masses time and time again until they are recalled by rote by those that are unwittingly hurt the most and used as weapons against dissent.

And in 30 years the cycle will begin again, the next generation raped and beaten every bit as severely as the ones before. Look back, let history open your mind, for those that forget the past are doomed to repeat its failures, and having witnessed the injustices that are to be found there, look forward once more, armed with that knowledge, for this time is different. This time we have a chance.

There is something which can deny the power of the MSM, something that for a short time is out of the control of the elite, for they did not foresee its reach or depth, they underestimated its power.

We have the internet, the World Wide Web, and until it is in the control of these people, and it will be shortly, it will bring logic and fact to the fight, it can stand against the MSM toe-to-toe and it can shine the light of truth upon the lies that are being beaten into the people on the streets. We are not too wee, too stupid or too poor to enjoy an independent Scotland.

This is our time. We have only this one unique moment before those that have the means to do so bring the internet under their control, the same way as they have the newspapers, radio and television. There exists this single chance to remain in the sun lest we be returned to the cellar, to the dark, to be fed on nothing but manure once again.

Please don’t waste it.